PsychTech Meetup

Startup Flat in


A group of friends using psychometrics
to build a community around the core values of
ambition, performance, integrity and in-group
to realize the best version of ourselves.

Performance is Contagious

Since our environment is a large influence on our individual happiness, performance and wellbeing, we consciously choose to share a living and working space with like-minded people.

A Tight Community of Entrepreneurs

Our living room is our coworking space - and because of that, every break on the balcony, every breakfast is about making progress.

A Co-Living Flat

A few steps away from the Spree our penthouse is the hub for all our activities - from politics, to business, and parties.

House Parties Based on Psychometrics

Wherever we have lived (Silicon Valley, Bangkok, Bangalore, London, and now Berlin) we have thrown house parties - with people selected by psychometric profile (picture from our old flat).

Intellectual Events

We are passionate doers, so there are lots of open events that we host surrounding the topics we care about.

Also find us here

Seasteading Meetup

Let's go!

We are always looking for more people to join our community. Select below how you want to join & you will be taken to the right form to apply.


Shoot us a message if you have any other questions, suggestions or ideas. We are also looking to connect with doers in Berlin over events & projects as well as with other intentional communities.

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